Before the health wave hit the Western world, my mother was juicing and not letting us eat anything from the middle of the supermarket (cereal, crackers, biscuits); nor did we drink soda. We took vitamins and drank a lot of aloe vera and chalky potassium drinks. We also were not encouraged to eat a lot of white rice, which she said would make us have heart attacks. In those days, it was ludicrous to not eat white rice at the Chinese dinner table.

Twenty-five years later, as I continued on my own food journey, I realised many of the truths I learned echoed the lessons my mother told me from day 1. So here goes, ‘Chow’s’ food tips for building a beautiful you:

1) Only eat fruit and drink water throughout the day

2) When you rise in the morning, on an empty stomach. drink hot water with lemon.
Never drink room temperature (or ‘raw’) water in the morning; it will give you stomach upset.

3) Eat a balanced diet; which to ‘Chow’ means, you must eat everything! I would say 80 percent fruits and vegetables and fish and bone broth; 20 percent ‘fun food,’ because you also need to ‘feed’ your soul. She would even make us eat cake.

4) Crack open an egg white, spread on your face; then cover with a sheet of plastic wrap (with 2 holes cut out for nostrils) to make – an EGG WHITE MASK! It really moisturises, tightens, and invigorates the skin.

5) Vitamin E capsules are also really great for preventing scars from small cuts; eat one for beautiful hair and skin; and then break open a capsule and spread on your scabs; and stay out of the sun! I remember I hated doing this because my clothes would get sticky and oily but, hey! I have smooth scar-free skin today.


Some of her methods may seem unconventional, but my brother and sisters and did grow up really strong and healthy. What do you think about these tips? Do you have any old wives’ tales or ‘conseils de grand-mere’ of your own that you would like to share?

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