Back in Sunny Southern California – AMERICA!

I feel ashamed. I planned to blog everyday while interning at the most famous pastry shops in France. But three months have passed and I’m already back home in Southern California with only one post to my name.

I have mixed feelings about blogging because I feel posts are akin to throwing up on the screen. What happened to carefully crafted thoughts meant for millions to read? I guess it’s just the journalist in me. But I’ve committed a far worse writer’s sin – procrastination.

So here is my attempt to get back on the writer’s horse. I will share my new culinary adventures living in the gorgeous coastal town of Santa Barbara. I will also recount my magical culinary experience in France. I am planning on writing a book about my food experience in Paris (gasp) – it’s a big feat but I’m going to try. So I’ll regularly post blurbs and excerpts of things I’m working on…so that way at least we can flashback to the months that were void of posts.  My only excuse for not blogging is that I was busy living.

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