Hello all @In_Your_Element fans!! Thanks for joining me on Krista Madden’s channel on Instagram for a quick tutorial on how to make your own Apple Cider Vinegar and Gluten-Free Bread at home.



large glass or plastic jar (NO metal)

a paper towel or muslin cloth


apple cores or apples pieces

raw cane sugar or sweetener of your choice (will be digested during the fermentation process, will not affect final product or taste; safe for diabetics and sugar addicts like myself 🙂

500ml of water

Place water, sugar and apples into the glass jar, then cover loosely with cloth or paper towel and secure with a rubberband. Let ferment for up to 2 weeks, in a dark, warm place (I leave mine on the countertop) stirring every few days and adding apple cores and more water as needed (cores must always be submerged for safe fermentation). Vinegar should be sour; once it’s at your taste preference, you can strain out the apples and toss and keep covered in your refrigerator for 3-6 months (and possibly indefinitely). White ferment is ok, if you are getting moldy, not ok; throw out and start over again.

Graze Gluten-Free Bread:


200g gluten-free flour (can use a blend of white, brown rice, buckwheat, chickpea or coconut flours)

300g filtered water and/or plant milk of your choice

2 tsp baking soda OR baking powder

1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar (or any vinegar; can omit if using baking powder)

1 Tbsp sea salt

1 Tbsp ground flax seeds + 3 Tbsp water in a small bowl

optional flavorings + seeds: cumin, turmeric, pumpkin seeds, chili flakes

Coconut oil or olive oil to grease your aluminum or glass loaf pan or square/rectangular baking sheet


Preheat oven to 200 degrees C. Grease your baking pan with olive oil or coconut oil.

In a large bowl, combine all ingredients in a bowl with a whisk until well-combined. The batter will be liquidy. Pour into your greased pan or tin and sprinkle pumpkin seeds or other garnish on top and place in oven – in the center and middle rack. Let bake for 25-40 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Let cool before removing from the mold. Great toasted spread tahini, tomatoes and seaweed. TRY IT!!

Enjoy…until next time!

Chef Ivy

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