Creating meals of love in the south of France

Hello!! I am back in the south of France, getting back into the swing of the yachting season in the Mediterranean, despite the ferocious downpour over the Easter weekend!

I was soaked to the bone and pummeled by the whistling wind, as I used my flimsy umbrella like a shield against the sideways rain to no avail.

As I dragged along my little caddy through the puddles on the ground I thought – wow this would make for a great comedic scene in the play of “Yachtie Life.”

Would love to share some scenes of my beloved purveyors; it’s been a good 6 months since I have seen their familiar faces.

They know what I want, and take the time to chat with me, as I wait patiently in line for my turn. That is one great thing about the French – they give good customer service when it comes to food!

Great care and attention is taken while preparing and selling fish, cheese or produce to the consumer. Actually, if you do not respect this mutual process, many of these culinary “artisans” will refuse to sell to you.

Luckily, I understand their love language, and I happily enjoyed the process and prepared a sumptuous meal of:

jumbo prawns and traditional Moroccan mergers sausage

black angus filet mignon (from America!), topped with foie gras stuffed figs, quinoa pilaf, and prosciutto-wrapped micro asparagus bundles

Roasted vegetable salad

Mustardy curry potatoes

finished with chocolate chili lava cake and vanilla pecan ice cream!

Seven guests (and 2 servers) were in relaxed, luxurious heaven while dining onboard a charming yacht in the port of Antibes:









I continue my own Easter journey today, Monday, as the French take an extra day for any and all holidays ;)

We’re off to the markets again, with slightly clearer skies, to begin the process of creating intimate culinary memories once more. This time I will have a guest chef, Monika from
Hungary, who drove to the south of France with her chefs knives and cat(!) by her side. Until next time…

“They say nothing is impossible. But I do nothing every day.” – Winnie the Pooh

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