So I have found the solution to one of the largest problems on the planet – Ending world hunger!

So here is what I propose. You know how there are just so many sad cats and dogs that are abandoned and left in shelters? And then because no one adopts them they get ‘euthanized’?

Well how about instead of doing that, we just slaughter them ‘humanely,’ and then process and have cat and dog spag bol and meatloaf for dinner?

I mean we spend so much time and energy and resources raising cows, pigs, rabbits and chickens for food, but yet we already have all these shelters fattening up cats and dogs, with even lovely benefactors donating money to buy food to keep these beautiful darlings alive. Doesn’t it seem like a waste to house and feed animals that end up just ‘euthanized’ with this expensive drugs that renders them (maybe?) not edible? And then what happens? Are they incinerated or buried? Again, more resources.

You know in the wild, if mothers sense their young will be eaten by a predator and they have no choice, they will themselves EAT their child so they can gain benefits of the energy and resources versus giving their competitors an edge. Also, if they cannot produce enough milk, or one of the pups / chicks / etc. is dead or runt/deformed, they eat them. It seems super-weird to bury a perfectly good meal right? It may seem insane and barbaric, but it is actually super-smart. It’s like mothers eating their own placenta.

More and more dogs and cats are being euthanized since Covid-19 hit because less people are adopting and more people are giving up their dogs over the irrational fear of contracting the virus. So more and more animals we consider pets are losing their lives for no reason while other animals are being slaughtered to feed us.

Now if you are balking at eating Fido or Fluffy – honestly, you should not be eating Bessie, Babe or Thumper. Either eat all animals, or eat no animals. And if you are thinking stray dogs and cats are dirty and unhygienic to eat – um – have you SEEN the conditions of factory-farmed animals? I used to think it was OK to eat foie gras because those geese and ducks were running around on an idyllic farm and being massaged and getting private violin concertos every night. Yeah no. This is what they really look like:

Look at the ducks and imagine that they are trafficked children. And do you think those conditions are acceptable to live in? The filth? And that’s a really high quality farm. I have seen other ones literally just on the ground squished underneath a thick metal grill so they dont move but can still breathe and I guess to save space. I mean – don’t the ducks want to be swimming in the water? Running around looking for worms near trees? Having their little ducklings follow the mother duck?

Look how sad and cute these little chicks are. Imagine if they were little babies?

Anyways, let me know what you think of my solution to save more animals, end world hunger, and improve animal welfare conditions.

And stay tuned for my post next week on Why We Should be Milking Humans.