My Beauty & Skincare Routine

You will laugh when you hear about my current ‘beauty’ routine. I’m the kind of girl who never spent a lot of money on makeup, but always a lot on skincare. But still, I sunk hundreds into MAC makeup and brushes, especially after my first season as a yacht chef.

I also spent quite a bit on organic skincare, I had really liked Eminence, a Hungarian skincare brand; and my mom was big into Décleor and La Prairie. Lately obsessed with Aesop, the smells are just fabulous. I had the cleanser, the exfoliator, the toner, the eye cream, the masks, the sunscreen.

freaking obsessed with how this smells right now.

But you know what? I pretty much never touch any of that stuff now.

I started travelling hardcore in 2013. As a very in-demand private chef, and living out of my suitcase, it was hard to fit all of this into one carry-on or backpack. Really slows you done, running from train to plane to bus and back again, every single day. From Qatar, to Switzerland, to London, to Palau(?!) Singapore, Los Angeles, and back to France. And I realized – wow. Why are there 20 different products for cleansing and moisturizing? There should be just 1. So I decided on Savon de Marseille, organic, the block (the equivalent of Dr. Bronner’s Castille soap), and coconut oil.

I think it comes from my mother, who was a health and beauty guru of her time. I remember she was always feeding us huge bowls of bone broth, fresh pressed juice morning and afternoon (we would late for school everyday because we were…juicing); also disgusting aloe and calcium liquid supplements, vitamins. You name it, we tried it. I think the absolute worst was the bitter Chinese medicine. Nowadays they have the herbs ground up and put into capsules. Thank goodness.

We also were not allowed to drink soda. I didn’t mind, I never really liked soda anyways it was so fizzy. We were basically just force-fed tons of fruits and vegetables. My mom even made our baby formula with chicken stock, or sometimes even pureed beef and vegetables. You can call it unconventional, but our whole family is super tall and strong. My little brother is 6’4″ and buff as hell. I am 5’11” and my little sister is about 5’9″ and is a professional model (and recently a pro boxer!).

My mom and my little sister are both yoga instructors. I myself never got the official certification to teach yoga, but because I have been doing it since I was 14 (23 years!), I have been asked to lead classes during my position as a private chef on yachts, for friends, and in my own organic juice bar Graze in the south of France. Our community yoga classes are every Wednesday morning at 10am ! (well on hold until Corona time is over), but stay tuned 🙂

Chic & Pratique in Nara, Japan – basic skirt, leggings, black booties, tank top, and a lightweight scarf that doubles as a sarong on the beach


I remember when I worked on my first yacht. I had tons and tons of clothes; well basically it was my whole life I brought on board. But since my life was confined in a 2 meter by 3 meter shared cabin, there literally was no space. I was the chef on board, and there were crates of oranges and melons underneath my bunk.

So after being sick of dragging around my whole life, I minimized. I kept my really nice leather jacket and everything else went into storage at a friend’s place. At one point, I had stuff scattered at like 6 different houses in Paris, Antibes and Cannes. Life of a yachtie…

So I developed what I call my chic & pratique list. Pratique means functional in French, and French women always go for quality over quantity. Actually men as well. Usually, a classic French woman will pick one ‘uniform’ for the season – say skinny black jeans and a boxy, well-tailored blazer, and then she will play this up with a turtleneck, or a lacy camisole and an eponymous scarf for la French touch.

Night out in Paris. You see, short skirt; leather jacket, black tank top underneath. A little side bag helps, and a few key pieces of jewelry.

:: THE LIST ::

  1. Lululemon boot cut leggings, all black
  2. 3 black tank tops
  3. 1 black t-shirt
  4. 1 long-sleeved T-shirt
  5. 1 pair of jeans
  6. One low cut bootie in black leather
  7. leather jacket
  8. short skirt
  9. flip flops
  10. Eye Mask – my one luxury item that was functional and also like a security blanket – ESSENTIAL for sleeping and relaxing on trains, planes and buses etc. Plus I am really sensitive to light.
  11. Lightweight scarf for: style, the wind, a sarong, a quick beach blanket
  12. TOILETRIES: savon de Marseille, coconut oil, toothbrush + toothpaste, small portable hairdryer, razor. MAKEUP: I literally pared my routine down to red lipstick and eyebrow pencil. And sometimes some foundation. If wear glasses, I can get away with no eyeliner.

And that is it my friends.

Curious about how I put it all together? Tune in next week when I post photos of ALL the endless possibilites of the C&P look!!

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