Nutritional Consultation


I specialize in designing diets for individuals with food allergies and specific dietary needs. I can lead you through a detox program and develop a food plan that will make you feel happier, healthier and with enough energy for all of life’s demands.


Why I am different than other nutrition plans:

My food plans are holistic, which means I take into account not only your dietary needs, but also your emotional and psychological wellbeing. I customize a program that fits into your lifestyle and budget.

Traditional plant-based Western diets like vegan and raw have too many cold foods (salads/crudité) that can strip the body of important nutrients and further weaken the body. Oriental and Ayurvedic food philosophies stress the importance of of keeping the body in balance through heating and cooling foods. Chinese cuisine for example uses ginger, spices and roasting methods that force heat into an otherwise cold raw/vegan dish and keeps the body in balance. Asian flavor profiles are also exciting and varied, so you never get tired of the same foods.

Also, just because one diet plan is right for one person, does not mean it is right for another. Each one of us has a body type that is entirely unique, and can vary depending on:
-Elemental composition of our physical body (air/water/fire/earth)
-Climate you live in
-Sleep and energy cycles
-Ethnic background

Food that TASTES GOOD adds to the quality of your life, so all the recipes I provide are 100% gourmet and bursting with flavor. I use my Michelin-starred chef background to design dishes that satisfies even the pickiest eaters.

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