FOOD NETWORK: Here I come!

Chef Ivy Dai on Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars”

Having a lot of fun working on Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” this week!  Getting a tummy-ache from too many cupcakes. Had to try my darndest not to go into a coughing fit while filming today…ended up doing small dry heaving coughs in my chest and then my eyes started tearing and my nose was running. Hopefully it will be just be conveyed as happy emotion. I had bronchitis last month and the cough likes to rear its head during the most crucial moments!

Heading to New York next week for an interview at the Food Network main office at Chelsea Market!  Can’t wait to visit the studios and also all of NYC!  Have not been back to Manhattan since I was in middle school! Plan to visit a lot of bakeries, and want to eat at a few nice and/or authentic restaurants  – suggestions anyone?

Also starting to teach Chinese cooking classes at Roblar Winery and Cooking School in Santa Ynez this summer . The environment is gorgeous vineyards and farmland, and it’s where you know, “Sideways” was filmed.

Anyways been very very busy – hard to keep up with my French classes…can’t wait to get some sleep!!

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  1. jin says:

    hi ivy! nice meeting you tonight! is my site. i haven’t updated it recently but it’s… going… hahaha


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