St. Valentin’s Day – Trio of Love

Something sweet to indulge in with your lover for Valentine’s Day at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa – chef’s trio of love: Chocolate passionfruit crunch, banana rum cake and mixed berry mousse with fromage blanc creme.

So I sound like a commercial, but honestly! We sold like 60 of these Saturday:

1) Chocolate cake with praline paste, dark chocolate and feuilletine; passionfruit curd, dark chocolate ganche, 24K gold leaf. Passionfruit vanilla bean coulis, chocolate sauce

2) Banana cake soaked in rum, banana pastry cream, caramel rum mousse, sauteed bananas, wrapped in white chocolate. Salted caramel sauce. Caramel mousse was interesting because i made a pate a bombe (egg yolks and simple syrup cooked over a bain marie to ribbon stage); then added caramel (dry method). Pretty yums.

3) Mixed berry mousse (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, bluberries, black currant); fromage blanc white chocolate mousse, with marshmallow decor. Mixed berry coulis

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