The Paris Mosque: A Hidden Treasure (La Mosquée à Paris: Un Trésor Cache)

OK guys, I am feeling hella exuberant! Being in Paris reminds me to live life to to the fullest. I’m surrounded by chic luxury juxtaposed by gritty pungent homeless smells. When I feel like I can’t hold my breath any longer (not breathing because I’m in awe and also because it smells); I stumble upon a hidden gem in a city that never disappoints.

Just beside metro Jussieu (line 4 – also near place Monge); is a throwback to Moyenne Orient luxury – there’s the old Orient Express train on display, the largest Mosque in Paris, and the Jardin des Plantes and Natural History Museum just next door.

For an unforgettable and truly Parisian experience off the beaten path, start off with a walk through the Jardin des Plantes and revel in the untamed beauty of the botanical wonders within. Then cross the street and go round the corner to the Mosque of Paris, the largest and grandest in the city, and get lost in the resplendent designs and rich patterns of Moroccan decor within.

Then make your way over to the restaurant for a grand meal of tagine, or maybe a spiced b’stilla, in the cavernous bustling yet warm and lovely dining room(s)! Relax and digest while you steam in the hammam on property, then continue unwinding while you sip on fresh sweet mint tea in tiny glasses on the patio. Make sure to order a few baklavas, shining puff pastry soaked and stuffed with fragrantly crisp walnuts and pistachios and perfumed sugar syrup.

Take advantage of the sun while it lasts, because the splendor only lasts so long – before you know it the grey and gritty skies will overtake the Mood and you’ll get on the bad side of this vacillating mistress – the brooding visages, the cold wet winds that creep into your bones.

Endure you must, and when you think it’s just frankly really un-fucking-bearable, what with the French “touch” (code word “touchy” attitude!), the golden rays and love and beauty of this gilded city will come alive again and lure you back in .. For another tromp through the treasure chests and golden waterfalls.

Paris always manages to take my breath away (and this time in the good way, not because men in metro never wear déo!!). I miss it so much, even though I am still in the city – there is just never enough time to see everything, absorb it all, get your head around the grandeur and splendor and heart-aching beauty of it all. Until next time, my love..

“When you tire of Paris, you tire of life.”


“Le freak, c’est chic” – Célébrer la vie!!! J’ai visité la Mosquée de Paris pour le premier fois cet après-midi et c’est un trésor caché avec plein des activités à faire – le hammam, le salon du thé, un grand et beau resto avec un intérieur extraordinaire. Faire une promenade dans le Jardin des Plantes à côté la mosquée; voir l’intérieur de mosquée, manger une tagine sur place dans le grand resto avec les motifs marocaine sur les murs, continuez avec 2 ou 3 heures au hammam, et finir l’après midi avec une verre du thé du menthe et reste tranquillement sur la terrasse bien ensoleillée.

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