The Whole Life Diet: A New Paradigm of Consumption

Hello hello everyone!

This post marks a new chapter in the Ivy Eats webspace. You guys have been following me around America, then on to France while I’ve experienced new culinary adventures.

Recently, my journey in food and following the passion has brought me to a third continent – Asia.

What I have discovered in the last 5 months has completely blown me away. You see, I have not just been searching for the best food in the world – but also the best life.

For the last 10 years, I have taken walkabouts around the world. Sometimes these journeys are a few weeks, a few months, and on my last journey, a full year. I have been searching for something. Growing up in America, in a middle-class suburb in Los Angeles, going to school, then going to college and getting a job – I just thought, there must be something else in life. Another way to live. I thought other people in other countries did it differently. They must live more exuberantly, more abundantly. I wanted to immerse myself in different cultures, experience daily life through a different lens, and combine all my experiences.

The scenery changed, the pace of life changed, and my tongue was changing! Not only was I eating new foods, but I was speaking new languages – reconfiguring how my mouth and brain was seeing the world. My lens and viewpoint on life has altered permanently with these experiences. Just look at the diversity of taste sensations I was experiencing as I started my day on 3 different continents:


My American breakfast – 4 egg whites, oatmeal with soy milk, fresh fruit

My French breakfast – hot chocolate, croissants, fresh baguettes, butter, jam

My Chinese breakfast – rice porridge with sauteed vegetables and tofu


In the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing my thoughts, experiences and findings in my research on food. I will seek to strive to answer the questions that many people around the world ponder and struggle with:

Why do I keep gaining weight? I don’t eat that much and I jog all the time..

I just ate a whole box of cookies – what’s wrong with me?

Why do I feel so tired all the time?

Why are Americans so fat?

Why are the French so thin?

How do I know if what I am eating is safe?

Why does everything bad for you taste so good? :)


Until my next post, I leave you with an image of the last (great) meal I had, at a Parisian brasserie:



Croque Madame, open-faced sandwiched topped with ham, bechamel sauce and cheese, melted under a broiler and topped with a sunny-side up egg

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