Tibetan Resto in Paris: modestly priced, big on flavor

Once a month, my expat friends and I explore an exotic new restaurant in Paris. Last month it was Uyghur (in the Xinjiang region of China), and this month we’re still staying in the Middle Kingdom and heading west to Tibet.

Tashi Tagye is centrally located in the 9eme, which i liked because it was a 5 minute walk from my house 🙂

I I was there with my fellow Asian compadre Phil, Natasha (not Asian), new friend Svetlana (from a country next to Asia), and another dear gentleman whose name escapes me at the moment. I just remember he goes on vacation a lot, and eats a lot of vegetation.

So after FOREVER, we finally order appetizers: beef momos (fried dumplings), which was served with a nice minted salsa-like dipping sauce. Meat was well-seasoned, and tasted like it was made fresh a la maison (quite important – most dumplings ravioles are mass-produced and purchased frozen).

Also got crepe rolls with shiitake mushrooms, carrots and other veggies inside, with the same mint sauce (repetition! I frown on it), and a light salad with black wood ears, corn carrot etc. I have to also say that we got this same salad for free as a side with our main dish, without the wood ears. I don’t like how we are charged 5 euros for something they give out for free. but then again..it was only 5 euros..almost $7 though!

Everything was quite delicious though…oh yes we also ordered a mango lassi type of drink, but not as sour. Quite good. Lemon variety also good, like a smoothie. Do NOT order Tibetan tea though, which is usually served with yak milk, in this case, it seems like it just served with 70% percent melted butter (yuck). Or is that yak?

Here, our dear friend Natasha is quite excited and delighted by the lovely offerings:

Next we order a delicious steamed bun, laced with a yellowish liquid (I think it’s butter, or oil colored with annatto). It was super yummy!  Like a Chinese man-to. Imagine the outside part of a BBQ pork bun at dim-sum, but better and moister.  When Chinese don’t feel like eating rice or noodles, we eat man-to!

Here again, Natasha is enthralled, yet Svetlana, suspicious..

A close-up view. May I also mention we got another one of those as a (free) side with our main dish…like I said..charging us for things they already give away for free..makes good business sense but I can tell what they’re doing! P.S. This is why it’s not fun to work at a restaurant and then go out and eat..you can tell all the different ways you’re getting gyped.

Oh oops guess I forgot to take photos of the main meal! At this point I was super stuffed because I wolfed down a slice of carrot cake from Starbucks and a ham and cheese crepe in quick succession because I was starving from a self-induced vegetarian regime. Trying to lose the 5 pounds / 2.5 kilos I gained from eating dessert at work all week.

However, I answered the call of duty, and slurped down some delicious shrimp and scallops, home-made noodles with beef, steamed beef dumplings (they were the momos but prepared a different way), and lamb curry.

Everyone was too full for dessert, but luckily we ordered anyways, because we were pleasantly surprised – quinoa with dried figs and nuts, in a bath of homemade yogurt. And the same steamed bread, re-purposed for actually a super-delicious bread-pudding/French toast kind of dessert with bomb vanilla ice cream and caramel. I would say I approve!! They were nice and light, yet still satisfying.

Oh, and I almost forgot – the chef presented us all with digestifs of Calvados on the house! And the aforementioned lovely gentleman without a name was celebrating his birthday, and he got a cool white sash!  So that was quite nice of them..it was almost like..they KNEW I was going to blog about them.

Hehe, so try this place out, we only paid 22 euros each for a whole bunch of food. Go with a big group so you can try everything out. Try the beef tongue and report back to me 🙂

Tashi Tagye: Restaurant Tibetain

24 Rue Richier 75009 Paris

01 48 24 14 57

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