I’ve gained a total of 26 pounds since I’ve become a pastry chef. And I’m one of those tall people with high metabolism yada yada yada. And I’ve also had severe sugar crashes because I cram cupcakes in my mouth all day. So I’ve been (trying) to avoid sugar today, which is my first day back on the job since I decided to back off on my addiction.

Now mind you, today was an ANGELIC food day. I thought I was doing AMAZING, until I actually wrote down what I ate:

11 a.m.


3 cage-free eggs
2 slices of sprouted wheat bread with butter
spoonful of raw almond butter

2 p.m.

kashi go lean cereal with soy milk

at work:


protein bar (walking to work)
half a banana
a chicken breast sliver
a smidgen of a pear gummy / pate de fruit
several licks of bourbon anglaise
5 truffle parmesan potato chips


a huge salad with chicken, small spoonfuls of pasta salad and potato salad, veggies, balsamic vinaigrette
1/4 of a big chocolate dipped choc chip cookie slathered with coffee buttercream and choc sauce..
few bites of mango rice pudding
licks of buttercream
steak scraps
sips of butternut squash soup
sliver of pumpkin tart

oatmeal with soy milk cinnamon and cardamom

1o p.m.:

1/2 jalapeno corn muffin

spoonfuls of buttery creamy polenta, spoonful of mac and cheese sauce
2 grilled shrimp and 1 scallop with mustard greens

WOW … i don’t even realize half the things i put in my mouth…and i keep adding to this list…can someone calculate how many calories that is? I still crash at 7 p.m. everyday and I’m not sure why..it may be the withdrawal of sugar… :(

But then images like this perk me right back up…

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